Fewer South Africans believe they should be paying for their TV licenses – survey

Orrin Singh writes that the number of South Africans who believe they should be paying for their TV licenses is on the decline, according to South African research company Citizen Surveys. The article cites the Quarter 2 SACS data indicating that only 40% of South Africans believe that not paying their TV licences is wrong and that they should be punished by the law. This is down from 49% in 2018.

Reza Omar, director at Citizen Surveys, said: “At the beginning of last year, 13% of South Africans did not see any issues with those who do not pay their TV licences. This rose significantly, where in the second quarter of 2019, 21% of South Africans believed there is nothing wrong with not paying.”

The research was to provide key insights on South Africans’ views on paying their SABC TV licences. These statistics were based on face-to-face interviews with 3,900 people per quarter.

The release of the survey came in the wake of an announcement made by the SABC that they wanted a 5% hike in TV licence fees.

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Picture: Waldo Swiegers. (C) Sunday Times.