Our fieldwork infrastructure

Our research fieldwork infrastructure covers the entire country, including the rural areas that are arguably the most overlooked spaces in South Africa.


The effort and expense in reaching these out-of-the-way locations often makes this approach unfeasible for most companies. We visit these areas, however, through our use of technology and providing local people with skills training and employment. Our fieldwork teams therefore match the ‘lay of the land’ and the cultural, racial, and language diversity of South Africa.

About 300 interviewers work regularly on our monthly research tracking studies. Our fieldwork infrastructure can be easily expanded, however, as we have a database of more than 500 interviewers that we have trained and developed.


Our interviewers and field supervisors around the country are managed by 25 Field Managers and supported by a team of Regional Field Managers, Logistics Planners, and GIS/Mapping specialists.