Our technology

The quality of our research depends on the interface between our people, systems and technology. We have used our years of experience to design the Citizen Surveys Toolkit (CST), an end-to-end survey management system that encompasses all the aspects of a survey, from drawing the sample and designing the questionnaire to reporting on the findings.


CST is method-agnostic – the data management process is the same, irrespective of whether the interviews are conducted on paper, tablets, telephone, mobile phone or online. All modes of data collection can be seamlessly integrated and unified into a single dataset. This applies equally to face-to-face personal surveys (CAPI), telephonic interviews (CATI) and online surveys.

CST also prescribes how we manage all parts of the research process, ending with a clean, fully-vetted dataset and a full audit trail. Each phase of the process is supported by technology we have designed and refined with our years of research experience. Processes are automated wherever possible to reduce error and speed up the reporting processes.

What are the benefits and features?

CST contains CAPI, CATI and online survey modules. These run in the Windows, macOS, and Linux operating systems, and on Android tablets, with the following features:


  • Enhanced fieldwork monitoring


  • Built-in sample management, routing and logic validations


  • Translations can be overlaid.


  • Full audio recording and record keeping


  • Datestamps


  • Timestamps – overall duration and section duration


  • GPS location stamps





  • 100% Back-checks


  • Full audit trail


  • Data Accuracy – every number can be traced to dataset at the click of a button


  • Secure and stable system, with offsite back-ups


  • Flexible, web-based system


  • Scalable, efficient, and cost-effective systems