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Shifting ground and quicksand towards Election 2019

A recent article by Professor Susan Booysen originally published in the Daily Maverick  showed substantial improvements in public perceptions of  the ANC governments performance with Cyril Ramaphosa’s approval rating coming in close to 60%, compared with Zuma’s 24% of late 2017. Will the new political dynamics of early...

Survey shows Zuma and ANC’s mutual dance to the bottom

This recent article by Professor Bob Mattes originally published in The Conversation shows how Zuma's decrease in popularity brought the ANC's popularity down with him. Opinion polls in South Africa have clearly shown the sharp decline in citizens’ approval of Jacob Zuma’s performance as president over...

Cyril boosts ANC’s election prospects

A recent article by Yadhana Jadoo in The Citizen shows how having Cyril Ramaphosa as president will boost the ANC's chances of winning over popularity for the 2019 elections. The president’s popularity is bigger than that of the party, but if he fails to act decisively...