South African Citizens Survey

Running since 2015, the South African Citizens Survey is our monthly continuous tracking study that has been designed to stay in touch with current events in South Africa and the day-to-day reality experienced by citizens.


Data is collated from face-to-face interviews with a nationally-representative sample of 1,300 respondents per month on a variety of topics that map attitudes and opinions in the country across politics, economics, social issues, food security, and more.


The sample frame is based on the latest Census Enumeration Areas (EA) information, which is benchmarked annually and updated to the latest mid-year population statistics.


Sample weights are developed, based on the multi-stage stratified sample design and the most recent Statistics South Africa estimates of the population aged 18 and older to ensure the sample represents the national population with respect to province, population group, gender, age and area type.


Interviews are conducted in English, Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, Sotho, Sepedi, and Setswana.


Quarterly data is released on a total of 3,900 respondents, which produces results with a margin of error margin of error of ±1.5 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

Topics that have been tracked include:


  • Demographic indicators
  • Affiliation with political parties
  • Performance of government and political leaders
  • Approval of political leaders
  • National and municipal elections
  • Lived poverty
  • Food security
  • Involvement in protest action
  • Student protests
South African Citizens Survey - Q3 2018 Core Report
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