A plea to entrepreneurs: There’s good business sense in hiring SA’s skilled young graduates

Phillipa Geard, creator of Recruitagraduate.co.za and recruitmymom.co.za writes about youth unemployment and what motivates entrepreneurs in Daily Maverick.

When I started my two online recruitment ventures, it was with the distinct aim of helping two demographics of our nation — our women and our youth — and to positively impact their development.

But it was with sadness I learnt that according to a South African Citizens Survey before the election, 31% of youth or 1.7 million eligible young South Africans had no intention of casting their vote on 8 May 2019, and it can’t be pinned on perceived millennial disengagement, but rather because of a deeper level of hopelessness. They felt that their vote would not matter and would not bring change for the better.

Pre-voter polling data indicated that of those who said that they wouldn’t vote, 63% were unemployed and 64% believed the economy wouldn’t improve over the following year. If that’s not painting a clear enough picture, the youth were not afraid to voice their concerns on social media just hours before the 2019 elections with the nationally trending hashtag on Twitter #IWantToVoteBut.

As a parent, I empower my children to believe that they can make a difference. But my need to empower more youth in South Africa escalated in 2018 when I listened to President Cyril Ramaphosa speak at the Youth Day celebrations in Soweto. His words echoed in my head:

“As we seek to build a new, inclusive South Africa, we look to the energy and creativity of youth.” This is inspiring, right?

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