A call for brave leadership

CEO of TowerStone, Brian Eager, writes in Business Brief that South Africa requires brave leaders.

In their 2014 Harvard Business Review article titled,What VUCA Really Means for you’, Nathan Bennett and James Lemoine warned us not to use the VUCA acronym as a crutch.

Sadly, looking at the South African context today, this has indeed become a reality. It is important to understand that just because we can’t prepare for a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous world, does not mean we cannot lead our businesses through it.

Sustaining the growing faith

Ahead of President Ramaphosa’s 2019 State of the Nation Address, marketing and social research consultancy Citizen Surveys released data from the South African Citizens Survey conducted shortly after the May elections. It showed that 73% of South Africans believe that unemployment is the most pressing problem, followed by crime and poverty.

The number of South Africans who are confident that the country is headed in the right direction has increased by 9% since April to 38%. However, to sustain this growing faith in our country’s future, leaders will have to demonstrate purposeful action to grow the economy and attract investment to create more jobs.

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