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Our history and pedigree

Citizen Surveys, founded in 1996, is a full-service and multi-disciplined research consultancy that operates both nationally and internationally. We specialize in complex, national and longitudinal research studies, and have managed some of the largest and longest running monthly tracking studies in the country. Over the years, we have perfected our quantitative and qualitative research capabilities.


We are 100% black-owned and female-owned. Our B-BBEE accreditation is Level-1, the highest category for an enterprise with an annual turnover of less than R35-million.


We have worked with a wide array of South African and international clients, including private sector corporates, government departments, universities, non-governmental and international development agencies.


Our brand promise is that we are committed to producing scientific, accurate, and reliable information to enable decision-makers to make informed strategic decisions that increase performance and serve the needs of ordinary people. We pride ourselves on the ability to develop research solutions that are aligned to the strategic objectives of our clients and design scientific samples that reflect the diversity of the South African population or the clients’ customer base.


Most of our work involves large-scale research – which means we have to maintain a suitable infrastructure and economies-of-scale, and that our people, technology and systems are all perfectly synchronised. Our 15 years’ experience in the mobile sector with MTN has seen us develop several business and segmentation models for them – including the Mobile Tracker, which has been running for seven  years, providing a detailed view of the dynamic mobile telecommunications market in South Africa.


We conduct both quantitative and qualitative research and have customized platforms for face-to-face interviews (CAPI) , telephonic interviews (CATI), on-line surveys, household surveys, continuous tracking studies and segmentation models.


The quality of our research depends on the interface between our people, systems and technology, so we have used our decades of experience to design the Citizen Surveys Toolkit (CST) – our bespoke end-end research process management system.


We’ve established effective financial systems and strong financial reserves, and we have certified quality management systems in place, with multiple quality controls at all levels of our operations. In our tracking study for South African Tourism, for instance, the integrity of our data is audited annually by the Auditor-General and is used as official statistics.


Most of our work comes from client referrals – testimony to the quality of our work and the value we provide our clients as their strategic partner.

Our vision

A society where leaders make informed decisions that enhance the wellbeing of their organisations and society at large.

Our mission

Our mission is to provide scientific market research to enable leaders to make informed strategic decisions that increase performance and serve the needs of ordinary South Africans.

Our values

We believe in empowerment, by giving each person the potential to be heard, whether they live in the metro areas or the far-flung rural areas. We empower our fieldworkers and their communities by providing skills training and employment as an interviewer.


We believe in precision, because following scientific methods ensures that our data is accurate, reliable, and can be trusted to use as the basis for crucial decisions.


We believe in teamwork, because working hand-in-hand – both with our clients and amongst ourselves – produces more robust ideas, better insights, and faster delivery.


We believe in partnerships, because a long-term working relationship built on openness and a mutual understanding yields better results for both sides than a project-based, formal, and contractual relationship.

Brand promise

We are committed to producing scientific, accurate, and reliable research data to enable leaders to make informed strategic decisions that increase performance and serve the needs of ordinary people.

Our B-BBEE status

Citizen Surveys has Level-1 B-BBEE status.


All business-to-business procurement in South Africa is governed by the empowerment (B-BBEE codes) of good practice, released by the Department of Trade and Industry in 2007. We are 100% black-owned and female-owned. And we have a level 1 B-BBEE accreditation and recognition level of 135%. This accreditation has been retained since the codes were first introduced.


Here is a copy of our signed affidavit to this effect.

Our accreditation

  • Citizen Surveys strives to abide by the highest ethical and quality standards.


  • We are a member of the Southern African Market Research Association (SAMRA) and adhere to its ethical standards.


  • South Africa promulgated the Protection of Personal Information (POPI) Act 2013. This prescribes strict standards for the protection, storage and confidentiality of personal information.


  • We frequently work with academic institutions who require a rigorous scientific approach to research. This requires that our study design and research instruments get ethical clearance at universities. For example, a recent study of students in nine universities required that we get separate ethical and security clearance at each university.


  • Our systems have previously been accredited to the ISO 9001:2001 standards. We are busy documenting our systems so we can update our accreditation to ISO 20252 (for Market, Opinion and Social Research companies).


  • We have a Quality Management System quality grading from the Services SETA in South Africa, registered in 2010.


  • Our research methodology and quality systems are audited each year to ensure that they comply with Stats SA’s standards.